General & Focused Session Faculty

In addition to pre-recorded talks, General and Focused Sessions will include polls, panels, and questions and answers. Faculty who attend the in-person meeting in Lisbon are welcome to present their talks live. The detailed minute by minute schedule for each session will be designed by session moderators in conjunction with Dr. Marie Schambach, Program Chair.

Record and Submit Your Presentation
  1. Create Your Presentation using the template provided.
  2. Visit the Video Recording Instructions page for further details on how to record your talk.
  3. Upload your video presentation and PPT slides using the link in your email notification.
  4. Use the following file naming system: PresenterLastName_SessionName_PresentationTitle
During the Session

If you plan to be in Lisbon, touch base with the Moderator/Director of your session 30 minutes prior to the start of your session. They need to know that you are present and ready to participate in your session.

Recorded content will be played in the order listed in the Final Program Guide. The moderator of each session may add in polls, panel discussion, Q&A time, etc. We understand this may not be possible due to time change and surgical schedules.

Faculty not in person in Lisbon may be contacted via WhatsApp to provide answers to questions asked during the in-person meeting.

The meeting is run on an extremely tight schedule, so don’t be late!